N.C.S.R.D. DEMOKRITOS // cyclon

Cyclon logo for the program Marie Curie

The basic idea was based on the structure of cyclodextrins, which are the subject of the research program. Cyclodextrins are cyclic form and consist of circular geometric forms, which are used in the design of the logo.
Characters of letters for the logo were created and the letters C and O complete the circle enclosing the word CYCLON. The diameters of the circles are not identical referring to the structure of cyclodextrins (left image), while the thin font refers to the bonds that connect the atoms (right image).

Moreover the Marie Curie program consist of eight partners and one coordinator. For that reason the logo has 6 circles, the first letter C and the letter O can be considered as more two circles an the middle letter C is supposed to be the 9th partner and particularly the coordinator and this is the reason why it is in the middle and the letter C comes from the world coordinator. The color palette was given by the client because a website was designed in the respective color shades.

// The final logo

// The structure of the cyclodextrins

// Guides for the design of the logo

// Positive application of the logo

// Negative application of the logo

// Color application of the logo

// Application logo with gradients (3D display)

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