COFFEE SHOP // the eye of the coffee

Logo Design of "The Eye of the Coffee" for a Coffee Shop

The design of the logo was based on the name given by the client "The Eye of the Coffee". "The Eye of the Coffee" is a new coffee shop, at a central point in the path to the main road to the South Evia, in the village Krieza. So the "eyes" that will see it are quite enough within the route and they will stop to have the necessary coffee for their journey.
The logo was based on two words from the name, the eye and the coffee, as requested by the client to be appeared in the logo. Moreover the following information was requested: to be atmospheric, warm, referring to the warm environment and to be friendly.

In the result of the design, there is obvious the main element, the cup of the coffee. Within this cup a whirlpool referring to the foam at the top of the cup is created. From this point the warm smell of the coffee is emerged, which forms the name "The Eye of the Coffee". Moreover within this cluster an eye is designed, which has replaced the "α" word of the eye and also the letter "φ" creates the handle of the cup. Brown shades are selected resembling both the colors of the coffee and the wood as a "warm" material that dominates in the interior of the coffee shop.

// The final logo

// Handwritten first draft before the final logo

// Positive application of the logo

// Negative application of the logo

// Color application of the logo

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