The illustration of the piggy for categorization of products

The need of the store was an illustration of a piggy for the use of the general classification of products. The design was based on an existing plastic figure that had the client and it was adjusted to the basic categories, which were:
sensual lingerie, everyday underwear (set), teenage underwear (individual pieces) and children's underwear (individual pieces). The basic shape of the piggy is the same in each case, but there are features that distinguish each category. In the category of sensual lingerie the piggy has a "tricky" style, seems like an elfin and wears daring underwear. In the class everyday underwear (set), a more casual style was given and the piggy is much more sweet.

In the category teen lingerie (individual pieces), the body of the piggy has been "simplified" to be much closer to this age and the illustration of only the lower section of underwear explains the selection of individual lingerie and not necessarily of a set. In the category of children's underwear (individual pieces) the body of the piggy was redesigned to resemble more as a cartoon and to be friendlier to the children.

// Sensual piggy

// Category of sensual lingerie

// Category of everyday lingerie (set)

// Category of teenage lingerie (individual pieces)

// Category of children's underwear (individual pieces)

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