The design and the illustration of a character, with the name LOBOT

The need of the company was the design-illustration of a character named LOBOT to be used and to be displayed to a research-questionnaire at the tripsta website. The characteristics required by the company for the illustration of LOBOT, were:
be youthful, friendly, curious, talkative, fun & bright, with the main objective to become popular and lovable.
The initial approach was in sketch forms and was based on the characteristics and the name LOBOT that resembles the word ROBOT. The ROBOT confers technology - expertise (characteristics of the company). Ours LOBOT, is a small researcher - explorer, who holds the little orange book rating (item-looking company).

The design has a three-dimensional view showing more details of LOBOT and the choice of the color (orange) was based on the color of its logo tripsta and travelplanet24. Two additional postures/expressions of LOBOT were created. The characteristics of the first one were the LOBOT in profile, staring ahead, have a big smile and say hello, while the characteristics of the second one, were LOBOT still in profile, facing upward and having an expression of thinking.

// The final result of the illustrated 3D character

// First draft of a 3D character in sketch form

// Placing LOBOT to a white Background

// Placing LOBOT to a dark Background

// The sketch of LOBOT to smile and greet

// The final result of LOBOT to smile and greet

// The sketch of LOBOT expressing a thinking/reasoning

// The final result of LOBOT expressing a thinking/reasoning

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