PETROGONIA // flyers for roofs

Double-sided design flyers for five different types of rocks for roofs

Double-sided design flyers, which will exclusively present the five different types of rocks, used for roofs. It was used for the presentation of these materials, to visitors of an exhibition in Germany. The flyers were visible on a three-position stand.
For this reason three different types of roofs were selected and were used at the A side of the flyers while the rest of the information at the A and B side is the same.

At the B side of the flyers, five different materials used for roofs were presented. This way of presentation gives a simple and interesting sample of the materials that Petrogonia usually uses.

// Flyers with 3 different A sides of Petrogonia

// Zoom to A sides of Petrogonia Flyers

// Zoom to A & B sides of Petrogonia Flyers

// A & B sides of Petrogonia Flyers

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