N.C.S.R.D. DEMOKRITOS // cyclon newsletter

Newsletter for the Cyclon project

The Newsletter was created so as the research activities of 9 European research laboratories (doctoral and postdoctoral researchers), through a European Programme Marie Curie, to be known to the general public.
On the cover of the Newsletter there is a strong element of typography and the elements of the word Cyclodextrin, which is the main object of the research, have been joined and penetrated into each other, so as the interaction of the 9 laboratories to the research of the Cyclodextrin to be highlighted.

This cluster dominates in an outline form, within the first and the last page of the form in an imaginary line to the inside cover. The shades of green were chosen as a continuation of the colors of the logo and of the website.

// The cover of Newsletter

// Zoom to typography of the cover

// Number & logos of Marie Curie programme

// Inside cover & page 01

// All doctoral & postdoctoral researchers

// Page 20 & inside cover

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