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The name and the creation of the logo has two meanings. It was based both on a representative clue of the profession, the dot/dot raster which gives "life", from the electronically file, to the printed material and also on my personal love for the aquariums-fish/fish, for the aquatic world and generally for the marine element that embraces the country in which I live and I work. For the need of the logo, a custom lowercase font with Greek and English characters was created. This font was readable in small sizes, the curve related to the name of the logo "dot" was present and the font was used in other needs of the corporate identity.
The corporate identity was based, on the custom font, on the moto font, and only black color was used. The black color was chosen because it is a timeless color, that can be used both as a positive and as a negative. It is a "key" color in the CMYK and it can be used easily in several colored surfaces. The Letterhead consists of two pages, the first one is the basic page where the contact details are written and the second one is used only when it is needed.

In the large business cards three papers of 200gr were laminated in order to give solidity and also the logo to be written without affecting the back side. The small business cards in the front side are the same, but in the back side they have different parts of the logo and if four cards are connected the logo is appeared. The logo has been embossed (corrugated) and the paper was white, painted all in a black socorro, so the end result creates the sensation that was printed on black paper. Two different patterns have been created, that are used in various applications. On the back side of the letterhead the first pattern was printed, which shows the signal, while the second one was applied to the inside of the folder and to the CD case, which depicts waves and refers to the marine component. I have chosen a color shade if I want to use another color and not black as in the application with the badges.

// The corporate identity

// Logotype dotfish all about design

// Custom lowercase font with Greek characters

// Custom lowercase font with English characters

// Business cards

// First & second side of business cards

// The letterhead

// Two different pages of the letterhead

// Pattern with the label on the back side of letterhead

// The closure of folders with sealing wax

// Badges in various sizes

// Badges in various designs

// Part of corporate identity

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