CHAIR-BOX FOR BAPTISM // little athena

Handmade wooden chair-box for the baptism of the little Athena

The construction of the box - chair, was based on the key issue of baptism which was chosen by the client and was the Sarah Kay, which was also applied to the invitations.
The chair looks like a bench of older times in order to match to the retro style (Sarah Kay) and to the specifications that were given to me by the client. I was asked to use harmless materials, friendly to children and beyond its basic use as a box for the baptism accessories, to be used as a chair and as storage space for toys.

The solution was given by using natural and not synthetic wood, eco paints and glaze water, while the construction was really enhanced in order to cover the needs of its use. The technique of crackeled on large surfaces was applied, the name of the person who was baptized was carved on the back of the box to give personal touch and the Sarah Kay image was painted in a separate wooden surface and was placed in front of the box, completing its construction.

// The final result of the construction

// The dimensions of the design and it’ s final form

// Processing of the large surfaces

// Processing the legs of the box

// The name "Athena", printed in full size

// The final carving of the name on the wood

// The final carving of the name on the wood

// The gluing of the box-chair

// The final connection of the box-chair

// The color of the base

// The basic color of the box

// The hand-painting process illustration of the Sarah Kay

// The final result of the box

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